Clear Harbor's Value System

We respect our Associates, and treat them fairly, resulting in the delivery of outstanding value to our clients.

To do what is right and fair for all involved.

We are accountable to our clients, our partners and our Associates – we deliver on all our commitments and act with a sense of urgency.

We balance our work with the rest of our lives.

Making a profit will allow us to do positive things for all of our Associates and our communities.

Clear Harbor Believes In Making a Difference

Clear Harbor has been committed to reinvesting in the communities where we operate. We have now strengthened that commitment by creating Clear Harbor CARES. In addition to creating meaningful, rewarding employment for our Associates and the corresponding positive economic impact for our host countries, Clear Harbor CARES is our approach to community citizenship in four critical areas:

  • Children's welfare, well being and education.
  • Supporting a vibrant arts community that is such an important part of the Caribbean's culture and heritage
  • Reinvesting in our communities with an active volunteerism program
  • Participating in sports sponsorships to promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle

Our leadership team will work with local Clear Harbor community teams to coordinate financial resources and volunteer efforts, as well as to identify future opportunities to support worthwhile endeavors.

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